Nora Rae Hall (no_encores) wrote in text_tattoos,
Nora Rae Hall

I have four tattoos. There's a bull on my back, which I don't have a picture for ... however, I do have pictures for

The latest one. I still plan on adding something to it, but I simply don't know what, yet. For the longest time I had planned on, "Be still and know that He is God" or just "be still and know" ... that's probably what I'll end up doing. I also wanted to make the flowers yellow as a tribute to my mom, who always calls me her Yellow Rose of Texas. Even though those aren't really roses. :) They're more like holly hocks or something like that.

All the text I'll ever have on my body will be in my own handwriting. This was my first tattoo. It's Latin and says "Si vis amari, ama." If you wish to be loved, love. I placed it here so that it would be a constant in my face reminder that we must love first in order to have love in return.

I got this one about a year and a half ago and it's also in my handwriting. It's from the book of Psalms (music, writing music, and playing music have always been huge parts of my life so I thought a song would be very fitting) and it says, "Fill me with joy and gladness; let the bones which Thou has broken rejoice!" It's a verse I stumbled upon during a really, really hard time in my life. Since then, I've always made it a point to remember that when you allow God's will to be your will, you will become an extraordinary person, even though it could take a lot of heartache to get there. The blue bird was inspired by a Bukowski poem: There is a Bluebird in My Heart. A reminder that even the hardest of hard shells, like I can often be, have the loveliest, most musical hearts that want love like the rest of us.

And a really, really silly one of me, for good measure. :)

I'm not a bible beating Christian by any means, but my goal with all this writing on my body is, almost, to take notes. My parents made a lot of mistakes, and it's affected me in many ways. I want the most amazing life for myself, my spouse, and my children, and I know that it begins with the strongest, most able Me that I can create. So when it hits, I want to keep it somewhere that it will never leave my sight. And again, having all the text in my handwriting just has to do with the keeping notes aspect of it.

I LOVE your posts. Symbolic tattoos never really did much for me ... although I have the flowers and bird on my shoulder and the bull on my back, my favorites are always the text-y ones. Many more to come, too! I'm considering an entire poem on my side, but that's a big "considering", hah.

Alright, done with the novel. :)
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