Music is my aphrodisiac (orange_week) wrote in text_tattoos,
Music is my aphrodisiac

Social justice inspiration?

So I was writing my thesis the other day and therefore idly daydreaming about future tattoo ideas when I started thinking about "Es mejor morir de pie que vivir arrodillado" (it's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees) and how amazing that would be down my ribs in some sort of ornate script. Seriously, I think that would be one of the prettiest tattoos ever.

But I would feel so wrong getting it. For all of my dedication to social justice and anti-globalization movements (and others...) the fact remains that I'm not Mexican, let alone part of the Zapatista movement. I do what I can to work in solidarity with them... but I don't think a couple events with the Mexico Solidarity Network or sharing a lot of their values and ideas really counts. It's a beautiful quote, but I'd feel like I was appropriating their struggle for my own personal and aesthetic purposes. I thought of how I felt when a male friend of mine got the feminist fist tattoo and it made me really uneasy. I could ramble on about this for pages though.

This was all a really long introduction to ask what other people's favorite quotes relating to social justice or activism or making the world a better place in general are. And if anyone else has politically inspired tattoos I'd love to see them :)
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