brownpolyester (brownpolyester) wrote in text_tattoos,

direction of foot tattoos

hi everyone :)

i have a question about foot tattoos. i have been thinking very intently about getting two small words, one on each of my feet, but i don't know if they should be facing outwards or inwards so that i can read them. i know that a lot of people are going to say "do whatever you want" but i'm wondering if there is a difference in aesthetics. i can easily look in a tall mirror and see them, but then, they would be backwards. but then if someone is looking at them and they're facing me, they're going to cock their head and/or ask me what it says, if they can't read it. it's a difficult decision to make! if anyone has any input that would be great. and feel free to post pictures of your own feet tattoos, especially if there is text involved.

thank you!

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