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hi ! for my first tattoo i got "darling" written in cursive on my wrist, i've got another tattoo of a leopard print bow on my lower back.. now i have another tattoo in mind, but i don't know exactly where to put it !

this is mine: Photobucket

i want this quote, but i don't know which font :

this: Photobucket

or this :

... where should i place this tattoo ?
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i have three text based tattoos and numerous ideas for more.
i intend to be a walking notepad someday.

this is my first [text tattoo]. i got it done on may 18th, 2007.
it was pretty spur of the moment, as are most of my tattoos. i'd only been considering it for around a week before i actually got it done. but i'm so glad  did, i love it to death.

this is my second. done in may 2008. [words only. star done in october 2007]
lyrics from one of my favourite bands, the scene aesthetic. from a song called dear time traveller.
i listened to this song a lot during my very, very short stint at university. it made me realise that it wasn't where i wanted to be.
it reads; light my way back home.
and yes, i know it's 'upside down' but it isn't. not to me. it's my tattoo, i got it for me, so it's that way so i can read it.
the hideous, wonky cross underneath it is soon to be removed.

my third text tattoo. done in july 2008.
inspired by harry potter, as this is the quote on albus dumbledore's mother and sister's grave.
i thought it was such a beautiful quote.
also inspired by jodi picoult's mercy and it's in the bible. matthew 6:21.
and just so you can see a little better it's placement.

like i said, i've got loads of ideas for more.
i'm looking to get my next in white ink, along my left collarbone.
but i want to get that hideous cross removed first. clearly, that's a lesson to everyone who gets spur of the moment tattoos!

head rush.

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Hey, I'm Erin and I only have one tattoo so far.

But I actually wanted my first tattoo to be "I love you" on the inside of my lip and they didn't do lip tattoo's at the place I went to.

Now I know one of my next tattoo's will be "There's too much beauty to quit", a line from the movie Stay. I don't really know where to place it though. I'm kind of conservative, mostly because my dad and my nana and pop are against tattoo's and piercings.

My first one is a puzzle piece on my ribs

Sorry if that is a huge picture

I know I was thinking about doing a few more on my ribs and so i'm not sure if i'd like to put this text one there right now. I was thinking about maybe my hip, the back to side area. I've seen a few put there and I like them.

What do you think?

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This is my first post here. I got this tattoo in May, so I've had it for a while. I've had it touched up though. Faded kinda bad after the first few months.

I saw jonaknt's Blink-182 tattoo on the trad_tattoos community, and he said I should post mine, so here it is.

Blink-182Collapse )
purple Arwen

My first tattoo

I got my first tattoo today! It's in Latin, on my left bicep in my own handwriting. I love it. :)

                        It translates to "She flies by her own wings."

Edit: forgot to give credit where it's due! Done by Josh Algood at Wild Bill tattoos. :)

Tattoo Placement

I want to get to the line "It's only life after all" from the Indigo Girls's song Closer to Fine but I'm not sure where to put it.  I was thinking about my inner forearm, but I plan to go into business after college and don't want to get any tattoos that can't be easily covered by business attire.  Any thoughts?

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ok so i love text tattoo's they're just so beautiful
both my tattoo's are text (kinda) u'll see what i mean in a minute...

had some trouble with the lj cut so please dont hate me!

this was my first tattoo i got it done a few weeks after i turned 18 in December 2006
and i still love it.

ok so my second this is the one that is text(ish)
so before i show u the pic
it means alot to me and i know 2 of them are different sizes so dont feel the need to point it out.

this was taken just after it was done
Its my name in sign language for anyone who doesnt know
and was done on the 10th May 2008
a lot of my family are deaf so this kinda made sense to me.
i'm still totally in love with it
oh and please just ignore the flab :(
so tell me what u think :)

both tatt's were done in Matt's Tattoo's in Wishaw, Scotland :)

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